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I came to know about Babu and Al Shamsi Rent a Car through a friend, who said it was the best place to rent in RAK. He wasn't wrong. Since I started renting with Babu over two years ago, I have had consistently good and professional service. It's not like the big names, where you are a faceless customer. With Babu, you are an individual and your needs addressed as such. Friends have bought cars while I continue to rent. Why? It takes the stress out of life. Whenever I ask for a sevice or the car has an issue to be solved, Babu's guys take it and immediaterly get it fixed, without any questions asked. They are flexible regarding the payment plan, and I feel secure knowing that whatever happens, Babu and his team will be there to help. Their charges are reasonable and their personal support constant.I would definitely recommend this company to anyone who is starting out in the UAE. You can't go wrong with Babu.

Nicola Rhodes

Manager, ADVETI

From a friend who had used your services and who was very satisfied. Asked friends for advice and went with your services based on positive comments.Also reasonable prices and reliability. And Babu’s friendly, helpful and considerate nature. Looked at other rental companies in RAK. Al Shamsi provides a more personal and affordable service. No hidden surprises. The efficiency of service is highly commendable, the prices are negotiable, the cars I have used have been well maintained and serviced, drop off and collection of vehicle at venue I have requested,extending or changing of contract dates were dealt with conveniently…. For new residents of RAK obtaining a rental vehicle is affordable until such time as they decide otherwise. I do own my own vehicle now but before then Al Shamsi met all my needs. Yes, and I have already recommended you to many friends and new-comers. I have told them of your proficiency, speed of service, promptness in dropping off and collecting of cars, cleanliness and high maintenance of vehicles and your friendly personal manner.

Charmaine Brooks

Teacher at RAK Academy

When I first moved to Ras Al Khaimah 8 years ago, faculty at my college recommended Babu. People told me Al Shamsi rates were better and customer service was Your quick service is seprior. Over 8 years I have only had 2 problems (ead battery, flat tie) and each time your staff were with me in minutes to repair the problem. Service for problems comes to me. No bother with annual registration, Salik, tune ups, etc. Also don't want to bother with the sale of a vehicle upon departure. Absolutely. I recommend many people to lease from Al Shamsi and they have all been very pleased.

Dr. Susan Bainbridge

Faculty,General Studies

A colleague of mine recommended Al Shamsi Rent A Car--and I'm so glad that he did! Al Shamsi offered me a much better price than the big-name companies. They have always responded immediately to any issues, been very friendly, and offered hassle-free customer service. I would recommend them to anyone

Eric Trader

English Language Teacher

Your help in business has improved the ease at which I get around Dubai... You provided great service and have been very understanding when there have been concerns You have a car to me in 24 hours when its needed and provide friendly service and advice. You are my first Choice in car rentals because of trust nd strong business ethics I rather use you nd not any major companies I was referred to you by a fellow trainer Named Jackson and he said you can help me by getting a affordable car. Thank you for your amazing service

Kevin Cooper

Business Manager , Personal Trainer

I have come to know Al Shamsi Rent a Car through a colleague. The cars are new and clean, competitive rental rates, courteous staff and quick service. Needless to say, the rental can be done at the comfort of your phone/e-mail and the car is delivered to your place. Or if you wish, Al Shamsi can arrange for a pick up. I am renting for long term and like the fact that Al Shamsi sends some one to my work to collect the rent and service the car. I don't have to take the car or interrupt my schedule. Very convenient. I definitely recommend Al Shamsi.

Ahmad Abdelhadi


To Whom it may concern I Have used Al Shamsi car rentals for approximately 5 years both for business and personal purposes. The cars are well maintaned and choices similar to that of bigger named companies. However the complete package for renting these cars are far cheaper than the Big Brand Names. Not only are Al Shamsi cars cheaper, its the personal service and attention to detail that is the best I've ever received with any company. Absolutley nothing is a problem to thier Manager (Babu). He consistently goes beyond expectation to help and find what ever it is you need or looking for...from personal transport, pick up & drop off to virtually anything. Many thanks for all the service and support that you have provided my company and myself over the past 5 years I wish you continued success

David Cone

Production Manager DNO Block 8 Oman Ltd

I met Babu at HCT in RAK, where EVERYONE knows him. The guy is famous! :-) Al Shamsi Rent-A-Car provides a more personal, detail-oriented service … all at a very reasonable price. Yes, I’ve tried other firms. Some were Ok, but for more personal service, Al Shamsi Rent-A-Car is much better. At one time, I was involved in an accident in Ruwais … a loooooooooong way from RAK. Even so, with only a few phone calls, all arrangements were completed. This included sending Jafaar to Abu Dhabi to bring me back to RAK. That’s service! At the moment I drive quite a bit, so renting makes sense. Of course. Babu will make you a great deal.

Gene Bryant


Heard about Babu by word of mouth from HCT faculty members back in 2009. Rates were very competitive, car was delivered to our door, clean and well maintained. He even had the windows tinted by special request. I used to drive my payment over to Babus house, I liked the flexible payment schedule, he never hounded me for money. Renting was more convenient for us ,for the first two years , as we did not have any contacts for car repairs. The rental was always maintained by Babu, he would pick it up in the evening have it serviced and back in time for the morning commute to work. I have friends that have rented for over 5 years and feel that the peace of mind is well worth the price. Just last week my wife needed a short term rental , Babu had the car at our door that afternoon. Same thing when we were finished with it, he came and picked it up, no need to drop it and taxi home. It has always been a pleasant experience dealing with Al Shamsi Rent a Car. Greg & Monica Sturgess / Ras Al Khaimah UAE ( Canada )

Greg Sturgess


To whom it may concern, I came to know about Shamsi rent a car through a co-worker of mine and I never regretted it. There is a professionalism and a heart that beats in this business, which makes it so easy to work with Babu. With Babu, I'm not just a number, but he treated me with respect and I felt like part of a family. He always took care of the car and of whatever I needed. The prices are great and you get your money's worth! I tried other firms, and there was always all kinds of red tape. The prices were high, and there was always "small print" which was always hidden. With Babu, I always knew what I was getting into and there were never any surprises. The kind of trust and respect I got from Al Shamsi Rent A Car truly made me feel like part of a family. I was surprised at the kind of service I got. Babu delivered the car to my apartment, and he picked it up from my apartment to get it serviced. He worked around my scheduled and always accommodated me as best as he could. You don't find this kind of service just anywhere. Like I said, there's a kind of family feel to working with Babu. The biggest advantage in renting a car was that I never had to worry about servicing it, or getting it fixed if something went wrong. I wouldn't hesitate AT ALL in recommending Al Shamsi Rent A Car to anyone. They're the best in the UAE! I've loved working with them, and I'd still be renting from the if I hadn't gotten a car of my own!

Alejandra Tagle


I first rented a car from Babu when I heard about his company from a colleague. I decided to rent a car because I had just moved to the UAE and I wasn't sure how secure my job was. Renting was the safe option whilst I decided if I liked living in the UAE! I liked it because it was a very straightforward process - Babu sorted everything. The car was delivered to my workplace or my my apartment and picked up for servicing while I was at the office. It was all very convenient. Babu's colleagues were very helpful and friendly too. I would really recommend his company.

Jon McGowan

Lead English Teacher, ADVETI

Thank you for the service, The service you and your company offer is very good and a credit to the hard work and dedication you and your staff put in, to ensure all your customers are satisified . Thank you for the kind and professional service I always recommend you to family and friends.

Jeff Leathley


I can highly recommend Babu and Al Shamsi Rent a Car. They have always provided me prompt service and best industry prices.

Adrian Kerr


I have always been happy to use this rental company and I have been coming back to use them again and again since 2002. I prefer Al Shamsi because they are LOCAL and able to meet my exact requirements. The car was also DELIVERED to my house. I have used many firms over the years and in many countries, Babu has always been the easiest and most economical. Easy process of signing and paying for the car. I have recommended Babu over the years and would continue to do so.

Julie McAdam


I rented a car from Babu with Al SHAMSI Rent a Car for three years! it was the best decision I could have made. The excellent service from Babu was outstanding and reliable in every way. Each month my car was cleaned and serviced and delivered to me. It made living in UAE feel like home. Thank you Babu from my entire family.

Kathy Hutton

Ministry of Education

I have been using their service for about 5 years. I was introduced to this company by Teachers at my school. The price was one of the the best in the business. However, the most impressive feature for me was the service. Anytime day or night they will answer the phone and help you with any problem you have. They are very quick to respond to customer needs and do anything in their power to keep you satisfied. I have continued to use their rental service when even my own car needs service or need a extra car for family visits and such.

Thomas Scott McDonald


Babu is a trustworthy, reliable and professional person. Babu's car was waiting at the airport when we arrived from abroad. The car was in top shape and the rates were reasonable. I have tried all the big names. Even for residents, a long lease is not a bad idea. Cars depreciate rapidly in the UAE and renting one keeps you free of bank loans and having to sell the car when you leave, plus you can upgrade your car when you need to. I would say that dealing with Babu is like dealing with a friend who also provides a professional service at competitive rates.

Faisal Kheiri


When I first arrived in UAE, 5 years ago, I was told "I would be foolish not to rent a car from Mr. Babu". The best thing about Babu is the customer service. I was unfortunate enough to get in an accident in my first year, but fortunate enough to not get injured, and fortunate enough to have Babu as the man to go to. After making sure everyone was alright, I called the police, and then called Babu. He quickly arrived, gave me a replacement car, and told me to go on my way. He stayed and dealt with the police. I now have my own car. However, each year when we get new employees I give every one of them Mr. Babu's name and phone number and tell them the same thing I was told when I first came. "You'd be foolish to not rent a car from Mr. Babu." So renting a car from Babu is inexpensive, comes with great customer service, comes with peace of mind.

Ingemar Walter Dahlberg


Babu is a first rate gentleman. He has always serviced the car immediately if we have issues, specifically; the two blown tires and a head light we have had since we have been here I would like to mention I did try to find a cheaper deal, and did by like 300 aed. But then when the guys delivered the car it was old, smelly, and they wanted us to sign a long lease agreement, additionally they charged you for servicing. Well, I called babu the next day and got a newer car than we had before, for the same price. Well you have been warned about the other rental companies.

Ray Goodwin

I am a long-term renter (8 years) who enjoys the hassle-free experience of access to "my" car which means no worries about service and repairs. The benefit of seeing my car cleaned -- inside and out -- with each monthly payment is a nice bonus.

Sue Fine

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